Parish Hall

There are 3 halls available for Parishioners as well as Non-Parishioners.

The Fatima Matha Hall – main hall
capacity: 850 people

Valluvassery Hall – AC hall
capacity: 200 people

Chakkanattu Hall
capacity: 200 people

Hall time slots

9am to 3pm and 4pm to 9pm

Hall rates

Fatima Matha hall (main hall)
Parishioners – Rs. 9500/-
Non-Parishioners – Rs. 26500 /-

Valluvassery hall (AC hall)
Parishioners – Rs. 11250/-
Non-Parishioners – Rs. 17250/-

Chakkanattu hall 
Parishioners – Rs. 4000/-
Non-Parishioners – Rs. 5500/-

Hall availability

Date Fatima matha hall  Valluvassery hall  Chakkanattu hall  Late mass
To be updated

Hall photos